CS: GO legend shoxs

CS: GO legend shoxs – The competitive scene of CS:GO has been going strong for the past ten years. The long-running esports competition has a rich history, and many of the competition’s most accomplished players have been involved from the beginning.

Very few of the players who have been actively competing in CS:GO since the game’s inception have been successful in qualifying for each and every Major event. The number of players who are eligible to stake a claim to that record has decreased by one.

shoxs Major streak comes to an end

Richard “shox” Papillon’s chances of qualifying for the Rio Major have been officially eliminated, despite the fact that he has qualified for every other Major event in the history of CS:GO.

His experience in esports dates all the way back to Counter-Strike: Source, which makes the 30-year-old French player’s career one of the longest and most successful in the industry. CS: GO legend shoxs

He got off to a flying start with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and has competed for some of the most prestigious teams in the world. During the course of his career, he has competed under the banners of G2 Esports, Team Liquid, and Vitality, and he has won a number of titles over the course of his career.

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On August 27, shox put out a tweet stating that his team, Apeks, were “clearly not ready to qualify”.

The defeat unfortunately means that shox’s record and his incredible streak of attending every CS:GO Major will likely come to an end. CS: GO legend shoxs

The French professional could, in theory, join another squad that has already qualified for the upcoming competition; however, this scenario is extremely unlikely to occur.

Now, only dupreeh and Xyp9x hold onto the title of having attended every CS:GO major, with Xyp9x fighting for his tournament life through the European RMR to hold onto the record. dupreeh is the only other player to have accomplished this feat.

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