International 2022 prize pool

International 2022 prize pool – Many members of the Dota 2 community started to criticize Valve and the work they had done on the new Battle Pass after the Battle Pass was released this year.

The latter is devoted to The International 2022, and 25% of the funds received are added to the tournament’s prize fund. International 2022 prize pool. Every year since the first Battle Pass was released in 2013, Valve and the Dota 2 community have broken records that have significantly increased the amount of money that The International has raised. For a brief moment, the total amount raffled among The International 2021 participants exceeded the $40,000,000 cap. This year, things didn’t work out as expected.

The Battle Pass, which was unpopular with many Dota 2 players, commentators, analysts, and other key figures, was probably the cause of this. A select few really intriguing things received negative feedback.

Only one Arcana on Faceless Void and two new personalities on Crystal Maiden and Phantom Assassin were disliked by more people than Faceless Void’s new appearance. The latter was just revealed and aren’t yet playable. Additionally, the Dota 2 community expressed outrage over it. International 2022 prize pool

We might be seeing entirely different indicators right now if Valve had released the Battle Pass earlier and immediately added the personalities of Crystal Maiden and Phantom Assassin to the game. International 2022 prize pool

Regarding the numbers, I did not make as much money during the first hour of the 2022 Battle Pass’s sale as I did during the first hour of all previous Battle Passes. The Battle Pass only brought in $6,969,304 on the first day, which is less than The International 2021 and The International 2019. Over the same time period, the latter brought in $8,152,515 and $7,419,288, respectively.

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5 days and 15 hours have passed since the Battle Pass 2022 sales began as of the time of writing. The Battle Pass has generated $9,682,834 during this time, which is less than it did during the previous two The Internationals. International 2022 prize pool. The Battle Pass generated $10,918,139 in revenue in 2019 and $11,648,184 in 2021, respectively.

As a result, it is clear that for the first time ever, The International’s prize pool will not likely be able to surpass that of its predecessor this year. Maintaining such performance for nine years is undoubtedly challenging, but if players were given access to more engaging content, the objective might be easily attained. As of right now, we can see that the new The International prize pool will fall short of the championship’s three-year-old level.

Singapore will host The International 2022 from October 15 to October 30. The group stage will take place from October 15 through October 18, and after that, on October 20, the playoffs will start. The top 20 teams from around the globe will compete for the championship and a prize fund determined by Battle Pass sales.

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