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Valorant Kohaku – The game Valorant comes with a wide variety of skins that can be applied to a wide variety of weapons. Some of them are really fascinating because they contain a lot of interesting animations and visual effects, and this makes some of them really stand out. In addition to that, the majority of the skins in the title each have a unique color scheme.

When a new skin collection is introduced, it is customary for the individual skins to be made available for purchase in a set. There has been a disclosure made public that discusses the forthcoming Kohaku and Matsuba collection. However, the only things that are known about it are its weapons.

When could the Valorant Kohaku & Matsuba Skin line go live in Valorant?

The only things that have been shown off so far are the skins and the melee animation. Regrettably, there isn’t a great deal of information that can be found regarding the bundle’s anticipated release date. However, an estimated time frame can be provided.

The Valorant Champions 2022 Bundle is currently available for purchase in the item shop. It is reasonable for players to assume that the Valorant Kohaku and Matsuba Bundle will be made available to purchase on the same day because it is scheduled to be removed from sale within the next two weeks, on September 21.

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Price of new bundle and more

There is currently no information available regarding the cost of this brand-new collection. Having said that, taking into account how easy the skins are to create, the bundle shouldn’t be very expensive. Although there is a good chance that its total price won’t go higher than 7,100 VP, the value presented here is merely an estimate for the time being.

The following is a list of all the weapons in Valorant that will be getting a new skin as part of the Valorant Kohaku and Matsuba skinline:

  • Classic
  • Judge
  • Phantom
  • Operator
  • Melee

It’s interesting to note that the fan is used as the melee weapon in this skin line. It has been given the name Equilibrium, and it is strikingly comparable to the Celestial one that was made available as a part of the Celestial Bundle. Radianite Points are required in order to access each and every item’s secondary color in the Valorant Kohaku and Matsuba collection. These secondary colors are available for all of the collection’s items.

The melee weapon only has a few basic animations, and a lot of players in the community are dissatisfied with it because of this. Despite that, it could possibly turn out to be the most expensive item in the entire bundle. When a skin for a similar melee weapon was made available in the past, it cost 3,550 VP to purchase it. It is recommended that each of the other weapons in the Valorant Kohaku and Matsuba collection not cost more than 1,775 Valor Points.

Fans have also voiced their disapproval with the appearance of the melee skin. Not only that, but many people have also pointed out that the cosmetic products included in this line won’t be worth purchasing.

On the other hand, it seems that a certain segment of the community adores the items that were disclosed. In addition, the mere knowledge that there is a supporter for a melee skin has caused quite a stir on various social media platforms.

In general, gamers anticipate that they will be able to acquire the upcoming bundle in its entirety at a price that is affordable to them. In addition to this, they have voiced their desire for the bundle to include either a player card with a Koi pond theme or a gun buddy with a Koi theme.

To summarize, the Valorant Kohaku and Matsuba bundle will be available in Valorant in the very near future. It will be a few more days before players receive more concrete information regarding the skinline, so they will need to be patient.

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