VCT Champions 2022

VCT Champions 2022 – Day 7 of the VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul Group Stage provided plenty of action for fans. Paper Rex lost their elimination match against Team Liquid and were forced to withdraw from the tournament. LOUD triumphed in a game of the same type against ZETA DIVISION. The team earned one of the remaining playoff spots.

The seventh day of the Group Stage was nothing short of a spectacular display of skill and in-game prowess. Several highlights enraged viewers.

Highlights from VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul Day 7

Day 7 of the Group Stage featured a total of two matches played in a best-of-three format:

  • Paper Rex vs. Team Liquid (Match 1):¬†Haven (13-15), Pearl (13-4), and Ascent (8-13).
  • LOUD vs. ZETA DIVISION (Match 2):¬†Bind (13-11), and Ascent (13-5).

Team Liquid secures Playoffs

In their elimination match, Team Liquid defeated Paper Rex with a 2-1 score. As a result, the latter were forced to withdraw from the tournament. Team Liquid, on the other hand, will participate in the Playoffs.

ZETA DIVISION gets eliminated

ZETA DIVISION faced LOUD in an elimination match. The latter advanced to the Playoffs with a 2-0 win. LOUD has unquestionably demonstrated their strength and potential throughout the VCT 2022 event.

Team Liquid’s Jamppi whips out an Operator 4K

In round six on Haven, Map 1, Jamppi took out four Paper Rex players with his trusty Operator and Chamber, dominating the round for his team in the VCT Champions 2022 Istanbul.

PRX’s Jinggg competes with a 4K of his own

In round 21 on Haven, Map 1, Jinggg killed three players flanking him from behind and took out another enemy lurking about. Thus, winning the round for his team.

LOUD’s Less snatches the round

Less managed to rotate behind ZETA in round 16 on Ascent, Map 2. He successfully eliminated three ZETA DIVISION players in the A-Site post-plant with incredible positioning and trigger discipline, securing the round for his team.

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